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Our Story.

Armed with a passion for natural healing and a doctorate of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kendra Starr has spent over 20 years learning about the different ways to heal the human body.

During her search for the most potent and effective treatments, Kendra began to notice trends within Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques. Many treatments involved needles and herbs, which many people find difficult to take. The discomfort that many of Kendra’s patients experienced created a barrier between them and their health.

The science of brewing and administering herbal formulas requires a lengthy and technical process. A process that can result in bad cooking smells and unappetizing flavours. As Kendra prescribed herbs to her patience, she found that they would immediately recognize the positive effects of the herbs, but didn’t have the time to prepare them or the ability to stomach the poor taste. This inspired her to create a method that made preventative medicine both easy and tasty.

However, it wasn’t until Kendra began searching for ways to keep her two little girls healthy that the inspiration for Little Dragon Medicinals was born. They kept getting sick at school and daycare, bringing home nasty little illnesses to spread around the family. They didn’t want to try acupuncture, and were grossed out by the taste and smell of herbs.

As Kendra began testing different combinations of herbs, she started using glycerine as the base. Glycerine gave the natural remedies a delicious and slightly sweet taste. One of the main advantages of glycerine is that it has a minimal effect blood sugar, so she could feel good about giving her children a product that tasted sweet without all the nasty side effects of sugar.

Not only were the high quality herbs delicious and easy to take, but they were extremely potent, effective for general conditions and convenient to take on the go. The fact that her daughters liked them was also a good sign, considering how picky they are about most things.

Kendra began using her ‘modern-traditional’ formulas with her family and patients, and watched the health of her community flourish. After almost 10 years developing these formulas, she officially launched Little Dragon Medicinals in 2017.